AVR 1200 AVR

Protect over voltage

Use cases

Automatically equals your voltage: Higher the voltage when its found to be low and lower the voltage when found too high to meets the operating voltage required by your connected equipment "load". 

Protected from over/ under voltages as well as against lightning: To prevent your connected equipments from damages caused by over/ under voltage or even lightning.

Resettable CB: Easy to resume after a surge; Uneccessary fuse replacement.


Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) 1200(VA)

Easy to use "Plug & Play"

The Automatic Voltage Regulator is equipped with three (3) 16A outputs that will protect connected equipments from surges and other three (3) outputs will protect connected load "equipments" from any peaks, overloads and lightning. Its technology higher the voltage when its found too low or lower the voltage when too high.  A phone line (Tel, fax, ADSL, etc.) can also be protected against lightning through its RJ11 connector.




PABIP0101 - AVR 1200

  • Type I : Régulateur de tension
  • Garantie : 1 an, retour atelier
  • Type II : 1200 VA
  • Type III : 700 W


Model       AVR 1200
Capacity       1200VA
Voltage       110VAC (75-145VAC) ou 220VAC (145-280VAC)
Frequency       47Hz ~ 63Hz
Power Factor       0.95~1
Regulator       4%, 8%, 10%, 
Answer time       1 Cycle
distortion       No distortion, mêmes que forme d’onde d’entrée
Efficacity       97.00%
Over voltage      

Output off, fuse inverter 125 joules (10/1000μs), 450DA (8/20μ)



Protection against ups and down

Output       6 output french
Internet Setup       Transfer time of 3 ~ 5 secondes - Prise RJ11 : protection tél/modem/fax
Temperature       0-40 °C
Dimensions (mm)       277 x 115 x 76
Dimensions packaging (mm)       277 x 115 x 76
Packaging weight (kg)       2