Gamme Naïade Isolation transformers

One phase galvanic isolation transformer

Most modern UPS systems do not include the internal transformers that were present in earlier designs. This evolution has increased efficiency while decreasing the weight, size, and raw materials consumption of UPS systems. In the new transformerless UPS designs, the transformers are optional and can be placed in the best location to achieve a required purpose. In older designs, transformers were typically installed in permanent positions where they provided no benefit, reduced system efficiency, or were not optimally located.

Power Rating

  • 5 KVA - 500 KVA one phase output unit uses the latest DSP/PWM technology to provide the most advanced performance and reliability features


  • 208 or 480 Vac input 50-60Hz


  • 208Y/120 or 480Y/277VAC
  • <200 nanoseconds response time


  • Meets NFPA 101, NFPA 70, NEC and OSHA standards


  • Provides overload, surge and undercurrent protection
  • Surge protection against load surges as defined in ANSI/IEEE C62.45 category A and B

Diagnostics and Maintenance

  • DSP/PWM technology and IPOWER Watchdog Software provides complete self diagnostic capabilities and LED Monitoring
  • Informative advanced Display and Alarms keep you in control of your emergency lighting environment 24/7


  • Modular design and small footprint allow easy installation in electrical closet or other convenient locations
  • Forced air cooling for maximum reliability
  • All systems are self contained


  • Modular design enables flexible installation
  • Phone assisted factory start-up standard for all systems
  • Extended warranty available

Special Applications

  • IPOWER offers numerous UL924 optional devices to meet unusual or difficult application parameters
  • ECM - “Environmental Circuit Module” allows fixtures and lamps on the emergency circuit(s) to be operated by normal switching and/or dimming devices in NON-emergency conditions
  • Dimming Panel Interface allows use with emergency lights controlled by common dimmer panel


  • 1-Year full warranty on system electronics
  • System 1-year on-site warranty labor with phone assisted start-up
  • 5-Year power-train warranty
  • Maintenance contracts available


Every data center power system includes transformers. Isolation transformers have historically had a number of different roles in the power architecture of data centers, industries, automation..:

Voltage stepdown from medium-voltage mains supply to the utilization voltage.

Within a UPS, to act as an integral part of the power conversion circuits

To create a local ground-bonded neutral

Within power distribution units or a UPS, to reduce harmonic currents

To provide taps to accommodate abnormally high or low mains voltage

To eliminate ground loops with multiple generators or mains sources


Overall size 
Enclosure size 
SG-225×12×2014× 1140×20×3227
SG-2.525 13 2014 ×1240×20×3230
SG-330 13 2520× 1245×25×3740
SG-430 14 2520×1345×25×3745
SG-530 15 2520×1445×25×3750
SG-630 16 2520×1545×25×3754
SG-735 15.5 3020×13.550×25×4263
SG-835 16 3020×1450×25×4266
SG-1042 21 4213.5×3170×35×7790
SG-2052 24 5215.5×4070×35×77180
SG-3055 28 6516.5×4080×40×87220
SG-4061 30 6517×4080×40×87265
SG-5061 30 6517.5×40100×50 ×104.5295
SG-6070 32 6619×45100×50 ×104.5370
SG-7070 32 6619×45100×50 ×104.5400
SG-8070×32 ×6719.5×45100×50 ×104.5450
SG-10075×35 ×6821×45100×50 ×104.5490
SG-12075×35 ×6821.5×45100×50 ×104.5520
SG-15085×37 ×6823×45120×65 ×114.5650
SG-20095×45 ×6829×45120×65 ×114.5850
SG-25094×45 ×8329×45120×70 ×124.51080
SG-300105×45 ×9529×45120×70 ×124.51350
SG Auto -0.517× 7 ×1511×632×15×226.5
SG Auto -117× 8 ×1511×732×15×228.5
SG Auto -1.517×10 ×1511×932×15×2211.5
SG Auto -217×10.5 ×1511×9.532×15×2213
SG Auto -325×10 ×2014×940×20×3220
SG Auto -525×12 ×2014×1140×20×3226
SG Auto -630×13 ×2520×1245×25×3739
SG Auto -730×13.5 ×2520×12.545×25×3741
SG Auto -830×14 ×2520×1345×25×3745
SG Auto -1030×15 ×2520×1445×25×3749