CNC Router Milling Machine

CNC Router Milling Machine - HV1

Versatility cutting machine with 4.5 KW high frequency cutter. Optional: Oscillating Cutter - UTM -Change automatic 6 tools

CNC Router Milling Machine

Cut for the sign and Signage

Rigid Materials: Cutting of letters - Light box signage 
slotted/folded - LED Signage letters - Aluminum PVC - Plexiglas® - Wood - Dibond®



Flexible materials: Vinyl - PVC ≤ 3mm - Akylux® Tarpaulin - Magnetic - Leather - Foam ....



Camera Identifies printed media for a perfect cut


Included on all models:

Chip vacuum cleaner 3KW

Aspiring + Flexible Nose

Set of milling and Spindle Keys

Martyred carpet for milling

Cabinet and Work Console



Powerful hybrid engines guarantee total reliability of displacements thus combining the advantages of PAP and servo engines



Different sizes - Cutting area:

Verso 1325: 1300 x 2500 mm

Verso 1630: 1600 x 3000 mm 

Verso 2030: 2100 x 3000 mm 

Verso 2040: 2100 x 4000 mm


Design and control software

CAD/CAM software allows you to draw or import files:




CDR etc ...


The assistants allow you to transform your 2D drawings into

much more complex objects, with ease. Plugins for Illustrator streamline print & cut jobs.

Many macros available for all types of letters signages...




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